Tuesday, January 31

Leaving :(

Guys, I have recently decided that I write for to many blogs.So, I am leaving some of the blogs I write for. I am sad to say this is one of the  blogs I am leaving. I really like this blog, and will contnue to follow it and be an active member. Just not a writer. If one of the owners could remove me from the writers pictures on the side of the blog, I would be grateful. I will be removing myself as an author from this blog. 
Bye guys.

- oddball99 (Signing off for the last time here)

Sunday, January 29

Katy Perry make up tutorial

Hello dollies! Today I've got a make up tutorial for you which I found on youtube & its made by the very talented Lel1996. You might also know her from the Starblog, she's a very talented young girl. This make up  video is on how to get the Katy Perry look.

- Heather

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Friday, January 27

Rebeccas Nails giveaway!

Rebeccas nails are having a huge giveaway, So heres the link. Make sure you enter as shes giving out gorgeous rings, earrings, nail polishes and decorations!

New Doree!

A new Doree collection is out!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE it! All the colours are very... neon! :) I love neon. Except for the pink near the back. That I HATE. It wouldn't look good on anyone! Sorry this post is so short.

Wednesday, January 25

Talented Medolls: AlicaSilk

Hello everyone! sorry for not being able to post school has been taking up lots of my time at the moment.

Today's talented medoll is AlicaSilk! she's a talented in all departments pretty much but i'm focusing on her suite. Below are just three of many precisely decorated rooms. She's twenty six years old [according to her presentation] and lives in Greece.

She certainly pays attention to detail and uses smaller things which other people may think are a little useless and makes them into something spectacular. She's certainly a talented suite designer. What do you think?

- Heather (:

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Celebrity look-a-like/inspired design

I'm doing a celebrity look-a-like Jewelry design  based/inspired by this picture of Rihanna's necklace/earrings - 

As you can see, she is wearing a necklace which goes up to her ears so its a sort of necklace/earrings.

Here's my version - 

(forget the lips and sunglasses, their just for effect)

Heres what i did - 

1.  I made a chain link necklace silver.

2. I took some chain beads and made them silver,

3. Then i shrunk them and attached them to the chain link necklace and carried on right up to the ears.

(this is a quick recreation of the step, i should make them smaller)

Now your done!

You can do some more in bronze and gold to layer up with the sliver one to create her look!

Dot Valentines is out!

There is a new Dot collection out, it is called Dot Valentines.

This is what it looks like:

In my opinion it is not that great.   Especially the bright red blush. If I put that on my doll, it would make her look like she has a TERRIBLE fever. Although, the middle blush is quite nice. I dislike the pinks though, they are too bright in my opinion. I only bought 2 items from this collection, in my opinion it was a bit of a disappointment. What do you think?

xxx oddball99

Sunday, January 22

New writer!

Hello everyone! I am a new writer for this blog!

About me!

Name: Amy
Stardoll Username: oddball99
Been on on Stardoll since
I made the account oddball99 (my current account) in June 2011, but before that I had another account that I made in December 2010.
Age: 14
Other blogs I write for:
My Projects/Magazines:

I look forward to writing for this amazing blog! My first real post will be posted soon! (Probably Monday)

xxx oddball99

Friday, January 20

Talented Medolls: Yannick972420

Hiya everyone, sorry for not posting in a while I've had a few things going on in my life right now.

Today's talented medoll is Yannick972420! He's a boy from France and his talent is designing interior and clothes. Here are some example's of his work.

What I like about these designs is that they are so close to the actual images. The tatty teddy design is very popular on Stardoll and its hard to be the best in designing. They are pretty much flawless and I think its amazing seeing these designs, they look like they take ages to make.

His clothing designs are truly amazing too, the wolf is great isn't it? the eyes are a staring bright yellow. The lipstick design is wonderful and the lips are detailed. LE designs are very popular on Stardoll like the tatty teddy ones and this is surely one of the best.

Do you know a doll who is talented in any area of Stardoll? tell me in the comments!

- Heather [kittykate]

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Sunday, January 15

Why do i come on Stardoll?

I just did my english homework where i had to write about how modern english has got to how it is and what foreign languages influenced the english vocabulary and blah, blah, blah. I'm going a bit off subject here but, what i'm saying is that i'm in the mood for writing, so this is going to be a long post... Lets just get it started, shall we?

"I'm a 12 year old girl called Lara from rainy England... and i go on stardoll." 
I'm ashamed to say that to both people i know and people i meet. Why? I'm ashamed to tell them because no one i know goes on stardoll and i'm worried they'll think its.. babyish? Well, what would they know? They'd just type it into their internet tab and they are welcomed by a webpage that looks like this -

The first thought that comes to anyones head is "Crikey, whats this for? 8 year olds?"

They don't know that once your inside you discover a world of blogging, graphics and friends. I'm not exactly low on friends in the real world, but i wouldn't say i was thriving either. I would of left stardoll by now if i hadn't discovered blogging and graphics. I enjoy making graphics, i enjoy blogging and i enjoy reading blogs. Nobody who just looked at the homepage would understand the reasons i come back for more everyday, only people who have an account would. 

Its unhealthy for me to be on stardoll so often, i suppose i have a mild addiction. Next year I'm choosing my options, I have to work hard at school now and so stardoll is stopping me, but i can't leave. I love being on stardoll and blogging and so on.

Lets rewind to where it started. I was a young girl (about 7 or 8 i suppose..) and i was bored and i came across stardoll, i played on it for a while, i went on it a couple of times, it was nothing special. Then again in the start of 2010, i was bored. It was a sunday and i was doing nothing. I came across stardoll again and remembered it from when i was younger. I decided i would go on it.. Opps, one problem. I'd forgotten my passoword. I created a new account and went on it another few times. Then i gradually stopped. Once again, i came across it in late 2010. I became hooked. I went on it almost everyday, and my doll and suite was actually not to bad for someone who had never been a superstar, if i do say so myself. Other people said it to though. 
Me in the past as a non-superstar... :L

My old non-superstar style (taken in the same room
 as my last picture in this post as its a recreation of my style)

Then i discovered blogging. I created a blogger account and commented on a few blogs. Eventually, i became superstar by paying for it out of my own phone credit. My parents would never pay for it. I became superstar a couple of times actually.
Me in my early superstar days. EXTREMELY tanned skin,
 "oooh" mouth and tons of black eye make-up.

Again, me in my early superstar days. I've still got that tanned skin.
 This was before the picture above actually as that liquid eyeliner was the only
 make-up i owned so i wore it a lot. It looked terrible, i must say.

 I wanted to write for a blog. I snapped up a job at special blog for stardoll, then here, at saloon stardoll. I kept going on it and well... here i am. I didn't join stardoll because i lacked in social status, i have friends, quite a few actually. I was simply bored when i joined. Stardoll is what i do in my spare time, a hobby almost, that is a secret to everyone that knows me (apart from my family who get annoyed with me constantly being on it). I'd like to say stardoll changed my life, as a way to end this post dramatically. It didn't though. I get a few perks like blogging and improving at drawing and so on. It also sucks away my time, i spend hours in my bedroom blogging, *sigh*. I've also been on stardoll instead of doing my homework which is a bit annoying since i then have to do it in school, but y'know what its like. 

This, is me now. 

Everyone goes on stardoll for a reason, everything above is my reason. A long reason, yes, but a valid reason all the same.

Telling it how it is